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Rise Against Tour Dates

The Beginning

Hard Metalic, rock punk, old but new again. Rise Against could be coined Rise Again. Since 1999 this hard rock punk band from Chicago Illinois has been bashing, crashing and sassing their way across the country, around the world and back again. This year they hitch up, and hit the trail again, for a Rise Again Tour dates.

Rise Against Tour

rise against tourThe Band is still going strong after sixteen years. Although having gone through a metamorphosis with the 5 original members all heading home, to be replaced by four stalwart carry-ons, the Band has significant draw to put together a wicked tour schedule that could make any old man cry.

But they will be out there on their Rise Against tour dates, visiting 18 Cities in 31 days, to sing their songs, sell their wares, and promote a number of social agendas that they are involved in.

Their tour dates started July 17 in Chicago, and how fitting to start by hitting their hometown hard. Moving west, they make their way to Milwaukee, and with a left turn, head across the border to play three venues in Canada. Ending in Calgary, on the Canadian side of the border, it is head south to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, finishing up in the Mile High City, Denver Colorado.

The Early Years

The early years saw the Band reach reasonable underground success with an independent label. It was not until changing labels that they hit the mainstream with two albums hitting number 3 and number 10 on the billboard charts. As well, they reached platinum level for sales in Canada and struck gold in the United States.

Social Issues

rise againstAs part of their lives, and an integral part of their Rise Against tour, is the Band’s social activism. They may play hard, and drive hard for success,s in a culture where many would look at some older guys sideways, but they maintain their following and their ideals.

Some of their more passionate issues are support for Amnesty International, animal rights, the It Gets Better Project, started as an Internet based non-profit organization that has reached international stature to address teen suicides with LGBT youth, and Straight Edge.

Straight Edge is a hard rock punk subculture that professes to the values of no use of alcohol, or other recreational drugs, including tobacco. As well, many are adamantly opposed to promiscuous sex and follow a vegetarian or vegan regimen.

Straight Edge is not what one would think of as part of the value set of members of a punk band, and kudos to all of them for living that life, supporting their ideals and promoting them as a basis for their lives through their music and their Rise Again Tour.

Finish Up On Tour

This year’s Rise Again Tour is a 3-way knockout for the fans. Not only will they be able to see and hear their Rise Again heroes, the Rise Again Tour will include Killswitch Engage, a hard metal band, and Letlive, promoted as a post-hard core band from Los Angeles, California.

All three bands have their unique sounds and actions, and their own following. What a great promotional opportunity and an opportunity for all the fans.

Find a tour location near you, and get out and support the bands, that will also support social and personal values we could all ascribe to.

Rise Against Tour Schedule

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